E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

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E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Empower Online Retail and E-Commerce Packaging with Sesame® Solutions

There is a growing global trend toward online retail packaging related to how best to enhance the supply chain with packaging that meets fast-changing customer demands. H.B. Fuller’s Sesame® opening and closing technologies can empower your packaging with functionalities to delight your customers. In addition, Sesame® solutions can also address online retail specific challenges including tamper resistance and return-ready packaging.

Improve Fulfillment Process with H.B. Fuller Sesame® tapes.

As more individuals shop online across the globe, the need for more functional packaging solutions continues to grow. Because many economies are adopting e-retail at a very fast pace, manufacturers are being called to provide e-commerce retail packaging solutions that do not compromise the packing and fulfillment process. Some online retailers and supply chain players are offering new ways for customers to shop, including same day delivery, ordering online and picking up at the store, and returnable merchandise models.  H.B. Fuller’s Sesame® tapes increase efficiency at fulfillment centers and provide easy-opening and re-closing features for consumers. 

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H.B. Fuller's Close-Sesame tape is an inline application that can be integrated into the dry end of the corrugator. The tape dispensing system does not require slowing down of the corrugator’s speed and the Close-Sesame tape is applied continuously by roll-to-roll splicing capability. Adding this application gives more cost-effective closing designs for both simple and complex packaging systems, especially for online retailers.

  • High initial tack for instant adhesion
  • Reduce process costs by eliminating manual or offline application
  • Integrated into the corrugation line and runs at full speed
  • Minimize corrugator downtime and waste with roll-to-roll splicing
  • Offer greater flexibility for complex package designs

Online Retail Packaging - Challenges and Solutions

Online retail packaging challenges differ from those in brick and motor retail. This list captures some of the important questions the industry is asking, as well as H.B. Fuller solutions.

Tamper resistance

Q: How do I prevent tampering and access to the content through the supply chain?

S: Our Close-Sesame tape has aggressive adhesion to seal the shipping box and prevent tampering with the product inside The shipping box can become even more secure by also including a Sesame® opening tape.  Sesame® opening tape provides a clean-tear opening through the fiberboard which makes it more evident that the box has been opened versus traditional tapes. This combination provides secure closing with an easy-opening feature that double secures the content from tampering.


Q: How do I delight customers with a pleasing box opening experience?

S: Our Sesame® opening tape ensures a strong tear opening even through thick fiberboard or double wall boxes.  The boxes are easy to open with no cutting tools required, promoting safety and usability.

Returnable and sustainable

Q: How do I make certain that the shipping box will be reused to return goods if needed?

S: Our Close-Sesame solutions enable your shipping box to become a returnable, all-in-one application. The package can be designed to have a closing tape used to reseal the box for returns.  The reclosing tape is added inline at the corrugator for optimal efficiency, and provides the end customer a package with an easy peel and seal closing that does not require the use of packing tape. This sustainable design with integrated Close-Sesame tape closures inspires customers to use the same box to ship the returns back.

Efficient fulfillment

Q: How do I speed up the packing and fulfillment process?

S: Close-Sesame tape is used to improve fulfillment operations. Its peel and seal closing improves the time and labor associated with box closing, and is cleaner and faster than gluing applications. This cost effective solution is added to the board inline at the corrugator, and is ready to use in the fulfillment operation.

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